Mission / Vision / Strategy

    What we aim for and how we do that

    Our mission is to give people maximum support in their independence. So Yes is a company and a brand that wants to make people shine with an adapted clothing offer. Our company goes to great lengths to make people with and without physical limitations feel great by designing, producing, and selling specific, beautiful, high-quality, and affordable clothing.

    With So Yes we want to be a brand of innovative clothing that gives people a helping hand. With a few clever adjustments, clothing often makes people suddenly feel more comfortable, or even able to change clothes completely on their own. It is our conviction that clever adaptations and fashion are perfectly compatible. Our collection therefore reflects the fashion trends of the season.

    People are our starting and finishing point. Each design is based on the expertise of experienced occupational therapists and is carefully fitted and tested by a panel of people with disabilities. Based on these initial user experiences, we optimise the design and fine-tune it until it is just right.

    Next to designing, we also search the market for clothing that supports the mission of So Yes. Next to our own So Yes designs we also offer clothing from top brands like Tommy Hilfiger (Adaptive), Elba London, Constant & ZoƩ, Magnaready, MOS by Alicia De Groot, ...

    We strive for a maximum cooperation between our brand and our target group. Specific needs? Special wishes? Contact us, we will gladly explore the possibilities together!

    our mission