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people with disabilities

A brand with a mission

So Yes is a company and a brand that wants to make people shine with an adapted clothing offer. Our company goes to great lengths to make people with and without physical limitations feel great by designing, producing and selling specific, beautiful, quality and affordable clothing.

With So Yes we want to be a brand of innovative clothing that gives people a helping hand. With a few clever adjustments, clothing often makes people suddenly feel more comfortable, or even able to change clothes completely on their own. It is our conviction that clever adaptations and fashion are perfectly compatible. Our collection therefore reflects the fashion trends of the season. Next to our own So Yes designs we also search the market for clothing that supports the mission of So Yes. This way we also offer clothing from top brands like Tommy Adaptive, Friendly Shoes, Elba London, Constant & Zoé, Magnaready, MOS by Alicia De Groot, ...


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Who doesn't like to go through life fashionably dressed? This is obvious to many, but for people with a physical disability or with a year more on the clock, it can be a big challenge. It's our mission to develop special fashion for people who usually have very limited supply. So Yes stands for clothing for wheelchair users such as people with spinal cord injury, tetraplegia, but also for people with multiple sclerosis, hemiplegia, Parkinson's disease, rheumatism and the elderly. Thanks to the cooperation with Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive, children are now also part of the target group of So Yes! Pants with long zippers on the side, wheelchair skirts that you can open completely, jackets with a magnetic zipper or trousers with a strong elastic: nothing is too innovative to achieve our mission. Because everyone has the right to feel good.

Made to fit the body

Made to fit the body

Smart clothing for maximum comfort

Personal advice

Personal advice

Comfortable style advice from experienced occupational therapists

High quality

High quality

Honest, sustainable clothing designed in house

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