Even though spring can still be a bit chilly, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy the outdoors. Whether you're heading out into the countryside or enjoying the conviviality of a city café, you will enjoy spring in style with our beautiful functional spring coats.

    Technical jackets

    A sturdy technical jacket is an indispensable part of your wardrobe. Especially when it comes to the famous "March showers and April whims", the technical jacket is the best choice. With this type of jacket, performance and functionality come first! Innovative materials not only make the jacket windproof and waterproof, but thanks to the magnetic zip it can also be easily closed by one hand or with limited motor skills. The technical jacket is therefore the perfect investment; stylish and yet very practical!

    Puffer jacks

    Is the puffer jacket still a trend or already a must-have? In any case, this type of jacket is extremely popular and cannot be missed on your coat rack in 2022. The puffer is a true fashion hero that makes your outfit tough in the blink of an eye. Moreover, the puffer is warm, practical because of its smart closure and easy to combine with other items.
    Let your jacket be the eye-catcher of your outfit!

    Festive fashion styles for women, men and children!

    In addition to a wide range of customised clothing from So Yes and other top brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Elba London, Magnaready, etc., we also have a great selection of inspiration. we are also the place to be for inspiration. Be inspired by beautiful, stylish, practical and comfortable must-haves for this winter that will make you feel confident!

    Our festive outfits undoubtedly include a shirt. As a man, a shirt is an item you can do anything with. You can wear it to work, to a party or in your free time. But as soon as the fine motor functions stop working, a shirt can be a tricky item to dress and undress. Luckily, we have a solution for that! Ivan is wearing a stylish white shirt with magnetic buttons by Tommy Hilfiger combined with classic wheelchair trousers by So Yes.

    The shirt collar is an important feature to take into account. In our shirt collection we count two types of collars. With a "button down" collar type (Tommy's white shirt) you can attach the collar to the shirt with buttons. This type is mostly found on casual shirts. This collar is not suitable to wear with a tie. Moreover, some of these shirts can also be worn open. The "kent" collar is the most common type of collar (the blue shirt of Joost). It is suitable for both casual and business wear and can be worn with or without a tie. Which collar do you prefer?


    Will the summer of 2021 be remembered as the Summer of Hope? We hope so! SO YES clothes are fashionable and comfortable, perfect for women and men who want to look good. These inspirations will give you a taste of what So Yes has to offer this summer.

    In our next item, we combine Scandinavian simplicity with a sophisticated Parisian style. The result? A beautiful short for the modern and elegant woman who loves outfits with a 'je-ne-sais-quoi' look. The durable fabrics and detailed design add an extra touch of confidence.


    As far as we are concerned, the fact that 2020 does not have an end as we are used to will not spoil the fun. We are fully committed to a fantastic and stylish end year. That home suit can go in the closet, just give us a bright, festive outfit. What looks will inspire you this festive season? Will you go for a festive skirt or beautiful classic trousers? Get inspired by our looks!


    autumn - winter 20-21 is the fashion season in which we see a lot of romantic influences with a bit of vintage and the not to forget neo-bourgeois trend. These trends can be found with all major brands. Also at So Yes we follow the trends closely.

    Corduroy: the most popular fabric at the moment

    The soft ribbed fabric that we used to call rib fabric for convenience.
    Corduroy fabric can be described as qualitative and versatile, even though it is still reminiscent of the seventies. She is there to stay, because the corduroy comes in modern silhouettes and fresh colours. Corduroy is easy to mix and match with all your favourite pieces. What's more, corduroy is nice and warm!
    You can also find this choice of fabric at So Yes. Our trousers on elastic are now also available in beige or dark green corduroy. These trousers are easy to put on and take off with one hand or with a minimum of fine motor skills thanks to the elastic waistband.