During the photo shoot of the So Yes winter collection we received reinforcements from an additional photographer: Flore Verbeke. Flore is a young hobby photographer who, despite her physical limitations, takes and edits magnificent photos. "I've developed a bit of a technique in the meantime so that I can take pictures just using my left hand". Flore makes full use of her artistic talent without being bothered by the limitation she faces every day. Specifically, she holds her camera with one hand and presses the shutter button with her left index finger. Although she experiences some difficulties with changing lenses, zooming in and maintaining stability, she continues tirelessly. It's admirable how Flore is getting away with it like that.

    Flore photographs with her left hand, which isn't easy

    Flore has a non-congenital brain disorder (NAH). When she was 4 years old, she had epilepsy attacks. First, they came occasionally, then almost every night. No treatment was effective, and her condition was visibly deteriorating. When she was 6 years old, the UZ doctor in Leuven proposed a drastic procedure: hemispherotomy. To do this, he would surgically separate her two halves of the brain. There were no other options to stop the attacks. After surgery, the epilepsy had disappeared, but because the connection with the left hemisphere had disappeared, Flore had to learn everything again. She can walk again, but her right side remained paralysed.

    More information about NAH can be found on the website of the NAH league.

    • Photo shoot for and by people with disabilities

    Flore is a real example. Without paying much attention to it, she shows that despite a possible limitation, you can achieve what you really want. Totally the attitude that our clothing brand wants to radiate.

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    • Beautiful photo by Flore Verbeke

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