For some months now, we have been working with MOS, a Dutch clothing brand that specialises in making capes, jackets and leggings for wheelchair users. Behind this brand is a very committed and sympathetic lady: Alicia De Groot. We would like to introduce her to you.

    Can you introduce yourself briefly?

    I am Alicia de Groot, born in 1990 and apart from the many hours I spend on MOS I like to play sports, cook and garden.

    Alicia De Groot van MOS, specialist cape
    Alicia De Groot

    How did you come to start your own clothing line for people with disabilities?

    First I studied fashion and tailoring for 3 years, after that I continued with 4 years of Fashion & Design at the AMFI. My graduation project was a clothing collection for people in wheelchairs. After my graduation, I continued to work on this and developed it into a brand/company.

    To what extent do you involve people with disabilities in the development of new products?

    I work closely together with the target group to come to the right designs. Their feedback is of great importance in bringing a good and beautiful product to the market. That is why it sometimes takes up to a year before something is fully tested and developed for some products.

    Alicia De Groot, MOS
    Alicia De Groot, founder of MOS

    Do you do everything on your own (development, website, marketing, etc.) or what does your team look like?

    I am ultimately responsible for everything. But I don't manage on my own anymore. Claudia is my personal assistant and helps me 1 day a week with all the jobs that need to be done. I outsource patronage and marketing. Anja writes the texts and blogs for the website. Freelancers help with the production of the collection. I am also a recognized learning company and I work a lot with interns.

    What do you have to take into account when you want to make a cape for someone in a wheelchair? What is different about it than a cape from a regular shop?

    Everyone has a different posture and a different type of wheelchair. Besides, the wishes of the customers differ in what they exactly have in mind for a new cape. I work with a standard collection of capes that I let the customer try on. On the basis of this, I make extra adjustments so that the cape is exactly to the customer's liking.

    The difference with the shop? The front of the cape is longer than the back. This way, you don't sit on the cape and suffer from decubitus. The length is adjusted so that it cannot come between the wheels of the wheelchair. It allows sufficient freedom of movement, is water-repellent, easy to wash and you put it on quickly and easily.

    cape MOS
    nicely finished cape of MOS

    What new developments are planned?

    There will be a very cool short jacket! Ivy. Hopefully we can launch it around October. There are also a number of secret projects underway about which I unfortunately cannot say anything.

    What are you most proud of since you started your company?

    The organic growth of the company. The trust of the customers and the nice contacts and conversations with them. Oeh, and coat Ivy.....

    Where do you want to be in 5 years?

    I want to have achieved my goals of sustainability, sales in Europe & more collaborations.

    Thanks Alicia for this great interview!

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    Sofie & Jessie