We were invited to attend the occupational therapy seminar 'Kronkels' of Artevelde Hogeschool so we could present our brand of clothing at the inspiration fair. It was an offer that we could not refuse.

    studiedag ergotherapie
    Kronkels seminar


    It made us think about the preparation beforehand and the materials that need to be included. Nicole was indispensable during this important event. This was her chance to show how valuable she is.

    Off to the seminar at Artevelde Hogeschool in Ghent

    Our stand was set up in record time: clothes rack, wheelchair, lightbox, PC, leaflets, trousers, jackets, ...
    Have we forgotten anything? Hm, missing an extension cable... Is this our first fair, or something? :)

    In the end, we were fully prepared to introduce our fellow occupational therapists into the world of So Yes.

    studiedag ergotherapie
    Our first exhibition experience

    Occupational therapy seminar

    The seminar focused mainly on care for the elderly. With So Yes we wanted to emphasise here that we have a very broad target group in terms of age. We've opted to develop fashionable trousers and jackets that attract a wide audience through the well-considered choice of fabrics. Jeans for the younger people and a supple material for a slightly older target audience. The trousers with an elastic band are also a hit with the elderly, even though they were originally intended for people with Parkinson's disease, MS, hemiplegia, rheumatism, ... It’s clear from this that one item of clothing can often help a wide variety of people.

    studiedag ergotherapie
    Kronkels seminar with occupational therapy fair

    Participating in this fair had an especially added value for us as it enabled us to come into direct contact with fellow occupational therapists from another discipline who also encounter problems with their clients/patients/residents when it comes to clothing.
    For instance, we were repeatedly asked the same recurring questions about appropriate clothing. This way we can also better estimate which adjustments are most necessary.

    studiedag ergotherapie
    Occupational therapy seminar

    The turnout wasn't too high, but we were happy to have the opportunity to expand our network with fellow occupational therapists and entrepreneurs. It was already a foretaste of the big one in April: the REVA fair!

    See you next time,

    Sofie en Jessie