April 24, 2016 ... a road accident with serious irreversible consequences: a nasty back injury resulting in paralysis of the lower limbs up to the nipple line: tetraplegia. My left hand and three fingers of the right hand were also paralysed. My world collapsed, but little by little I got back straight.

    Marc has a tetraplegia due to an accident

    I am a very committed man and I was in 8 associations. When I was finally released from the hospital in February, I was considering which of my associations I would drop. I have resigned from one, but I will continue the others. I enjoy it a lot and I get a lot of satisfaction out of it.

    Marc blijft zich engageren in het verenigingslevenMarc remains committed to the club life

    Because of my dedication I get a lot out of the people and I have a beautiful social life which makes me forget my worries. My wife and I also regularly go to a restaurant. When people come in, I often see them looking, but I don't worry.

    I like to be nicely dressed since being in a wheelchair doesn't mean you shouldn't look good.

    Marc and his wife Marleen

    With this short story I want to support the people who are in the same situation as me and tell them: don't shut people out, there is still so much to experience.

    Enjoy the little things in life!