With this slogan Lien D'Haeseleer starts her hemiplegia blog. Lien is an inspiring young lady with a hemiplegia and also a model for So Yes. She shares interesting tips and tricks for living one-handedly independently. Highly recommended for those who have to go through life with one hand.
    We'd like to give her the floor for a moment.

    Lien has hemiplegia
    Lien as a photo model for So Yes

    Hey! My name is Lien. I'm 29 years old and live with my friend in Ghent. I'm a speech therapist. Since I was 12 I have had a half-sided paralysis on the right with a lot of spasticity. I walk with a foot lift and can't functionally use my right arm. In addition, I have no feeling in my entire right body half. Since October 2017, I've also had a half-sided blindness.

    About a year ago I founded the hemiplegia blog. The idea for this blog arose because in recent years I have learned a lot of tricks and discovered them myself, which makes my limitation less restrictive. I'd like to share these with you. In addition, on the web I mainly found information for older people about a half-sided paralysis, while I am convinced that a lot of young people can also share experiences.

    blog hemiplegia
    Hemiplegia blog by Lien D'Haeseleer

    Feel free to take a look at hemiplegieblog.wordpress.com or follow the 'Hemiplegieblog' on Facebook and Instagram. See you soon!


    Lien D’haeseleer