We have already had a fascinating week, culminating in an interview with home nurses White-Yellow Cross West Flanders. We asked them a while ago if we could sit together so that we could introduce our products. We also wanted to know what obstacles they encounter during their home nursing job. They have a completely different vision than we do as occupational therapists. While we mainly know which adaptive clothing is needed for active people with disabilities, they are constantly confronted with problems with people who depend on caregivers or home nursing.

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    Product presentation to home nurses

    Presentation of the products

    First, we had the opportunity to present our existing products. The home nurses were extremely enthusiastic about the smart adjustments such as the deep zipper in the Zoëtrousers to catheterise or easily accessible pockets in Vitoand Vinny wheelchair trousers. They also enjoyed trying out the jackets with magnetic zippers and thought they were great.

    Interview with home nurses

    We were then given the opportunity to show some prototypes of adapted clothing for people in need. For example, we demonstrated trousers with an opening at the back to make the transfer to the toilet easier from a hoist. Because of the opening, the carer doesn't have to take the trousers off completely: they only need to open the flap on the back using the Velcro closure and the person being cared for can be helped with the hoist onto the toilet. The home nurses were immediately inspired and did the test

    We also presented the jacket with an opening on the back and a short zipper in the middle back. In this way, the carer can slide the jacket over the arms in two parts without the person being cared for having to twist and turn around to get their arms through the sleeves. Our audience was delighted with this prototype too.

    Overall, it was a very exciting experience. We're happy that this team wants to test these prototypes with their clients to provide us with the necessary feedback.

    see you next time,

    Sofie en Jessie