wheelchair trousers
    Some tips for choosing the right wheelchair trousers

    Are you unable to move around independently due to illness, disability or old age and do you have to use a wheelchair? Whether you have a spinal cord injury, Parkinson's disease or a leg amputation, wheelchair trousers can make life easier for you as a wheelchair user. Regular trousers are made to fit someone who stands up. As a wheelchair user, standard trousers can therefore make you feel somewhat uncomfortable.

    Wheelchair trousers usually have the following characteristics:

    • they are made for a sitting fit with a raised back
    • they have longer legs.
    • there are no rear pockets that cause pressure.

    But everyone is different. One person is more dependent on help from third parties than another. One person needs to be able to catheterise themselves, while another one doesn't. One person wants casual jeans, while someone else goes for a business look. But how do you choose the wheelchair trousers that suit you?

    Choosing the most suitable pair of trousers depends on several factors. Here we discuss the most important factors that can help you make the right choice.

    Are you a permanent wheelchair user?

    If you can still walk for small distances and you aren't permanently dependent on a wheelchair, then wheelchair trousers are not the best option. An alternative is trousers with elastic that can easily be put on and off by means of an elastic waistband. Trousers with elastic are available for both women and men. That way you can easily take the trousers off with one hand or take them off while visiting the toilet while you hold onto the handle or walking aid with the other hand.

    elasticated trousers
    Trousers with elastic waistband

    For people who are still partly walking, but still have to use a trolley for longer distances, we have developed the sit-stand trousers for men and women. Both models are elastic pants that are higher in the back and without pockets on the seat that could cause pressure. The perfect combination of wheelchair pants and elastic pants!

    Only when you constantly need a wheelchair, wheelchair trousers are recommended.

    To what extent are you dependent on other people?

    There are active wheelchair users and passive wheelchair users. The needs of both target groups are thus different. An active wheelchair user is more able to dress and undress himself, while a passive wheelchair user often has to rely on others to get dressed.

    For active wheelchair users we have sporty wheelchair trousers, classic wheelchair trousers or wheelchair trousers with a deep zip. These have the general characteristics of wheelchair trousers, without specific additional adjustments. For ladies these are the wheelchair trousers on elastic.

    For male passive wheelchair users the wheelchair trousers with side zips are very interesting. These trousers make it easier for nurses to carry out dressing and undressing or changing incontinence material. The trousers can even be combined with a passive hoist lift. You can read more about them in this blog post.

    For women in need of help, the wheelchair trousers with extra deep zip is handy because these trousers can be quickly put on and taken off by nurses or carers thanks to the presence of an extra deep zip.

    Do you need to do catheterization yourself?

    For the gentlemen we have 2 trousers designed to ensure a smooth catheterization.

    With the wheelchair trousers with side zips, the front can be opened completely. This makes catheterization a piece of cake. In the meantime, a belt keeps the back panel in place so that the trousers can easily be closed again.

    VICTOR wheelchair trousers

    Another type of trousers suitable for catheterization is the wheelchair trousers with extra deep zip. Apart from the deep zip and the general characteristics of wheelchair trousers, they have no specialised adjustments and therefore also look like normal trousers from the wheelchair. This one has a hook-and-eye closure.

    For the ladies we also have a catheterization pants: the wheelchair trouser with extra deep zip . As occupational therapists we advise ladies who need to catheterise to drive the wheelchair to the toilet. Then they slide forward until their legs are around the toilet. In this way they create enough space during catheterization. Then they open the extra deep zip, slide the panty a little to the side and they can start. In this way you don't have to take the trousers off at all and all you need is an adapted toilet with enough space to place the wheelchair in front of the toilet. If you would like more advice about this way of catheterization, don't hesitate to contact us.

    wheelchairpants with extra deep zipper

    Other suitable pants for women to catheterise are the wheelchairpants with side zips or velcro front opening.

    Which style appeals to you the most?

    Let's first have a look at the different types of wheelchair trousers for men:

    the sporty wheelchairpants are most suitable for younger wearers. The legs are pretty narrow and the pockets are located on the thigh.

    wheelchair trouser
    sporty wheelchairtrouser

    The classic wheelchair trousers are neutral trousers that both young and old will appreciate. The legs are slightly wider and the pockets are located on the side of the thigh and have a hidden zipper so that nothing can fall out.

    wheelchair trouser
    classic wheelchairtrouser

    The wheelchair trousers with side zips are in the same style as the previous one. The trouser legs are equally wide, but the only difference is the adjustments: the trousers have zips from top to calf height and a belt that keeps the trousers in place.

    wheelchairtrouser side zips
    wheelchairpants with side zips

    Next we have our wheelchairtrouser with extra deep zipper for easy catheterization. He is narrow on the legs en has pockets that are placed a bit lower for easy access. In a wheelchair, he looks just like a regular chino pants.

    wheelchairtrouser extra deep zipper
    wheelchairtrouser with extra deep zipper

    The sit-stand pants don't have pockets and are in a very stretchy, comfortable fabric.

    sit--stand wheelchairtrouser
    sit-stand wheelchairtrouser

    For ladiesthere is a choice of three wheelchair trousers:

    The wheelchair trousers with elastic waist is very neutral in fit and therefore suitable for many ladies in a wheelchair. These wheelchair trousers have no trouser pockets. They have narrow trouser legs for a modern and trendy look.

    wheelchair trousers ZITA
    classic elasticated wheelchair trousers

    The wheelchair trouser with extra deep zip also has a modern look with narrow trouser legs and has 2 trouser pockets.

    wheelchairtrouser deep zip
    wheelchairtrouser with extra deep zipper

    The sit-stand trousers for ladies has wide legs and is made of a very elastic fabric.

    zit-sta wheelchairpants

    If after reading this information you still have doubts about the different wheelchair trousers, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to help you further!

    Good day

    Sofie en Jessie