Through all of our senses, we continually receive a whole load of stimuli from our environment. Many people suffer from overstimulation because the brain does not properly filter the stimuli it receives. The result: too many stimuli arrive. This is called over-stimulation. Over-stimulation often occurs in highly sensitive people, people with autism, ADHD, a mental disability, a brain injury,.... This can be very tiring and lead to increased stress levels, difficulty concentrating and even learning difficulties. A disturbed stimulus balance disturbs the general well-being.

    Dampening strategy

    SAM (Sensory And More) offers as solution a dampening strategy, comparable with sunglasses for the sun, and ensures that less stimuli enters the body through clothing and that stimuli in between are better processed through subtle accessories, thus avoiding the consequences of overstimulation.

    Sensorische kleding voor autisme
    SAM: Clothing for sensitive kids

    In this way, SAM provides wearable well-being, with caressingly soft clothing with no abrasive seams, no labels and ultra comfortable so that no clothing stimuli contribute to overstimulation during the day.

    Sensory-friendly clothing SAM in autism
    soft underwear without tangible seams


    What is so special about these low-tension clothes? Well, the seams and labels are not felt when worn. They do not sting the skin and feel super soft.

    SAM seamless underwear for highly sensitive children
    Briefs without labels or seams by SAM
    socks for sensory children
    seamless stockings from SAM
    shirt without seams for high-sensitive children
    inside of a shirt without stinging seams

    SAM is also a relief for people in wheelchairs or with skin problems. Thanks to the use of organic cotton and a completely soft interior, SAM clothes do not irritate or mark the skin.


    In addition, SAM pays attention to under-stimulation. Under-stimulation is often less recognised. It can lead to difficult behaviour, concentration problems and learning difficulties. SAM provides subtle accessories such as biting, fidgeting and aggravating elements which contribute to a better processing of stimuli, less stress and a higher concentration.

    The subtle stress ball, for example, reduces stress and improves concentration. It matches perfectly with the SAM hoodies and can be attached subtly to the zip or to the loops in the hoodie pockets without being noticed.

    stress ball for children with understimulation
    subtle stress ball for stress reduction and higher concentration

    The bite element hangs from the zip of the SAM hoodie. It is the ideal solution for children who chew on clothes, pens or bite nails. Biting improves concentration and reduces stress.

    bite element SAM
    bite element SAM

    With the weighted collar, the child can de-stress in a subtle way at school or after a busy day. It gives an instant soothing de-stimulating effect.

    weighted collar

    More about SAM sensory & more

    SAM was born out of mum An's own experience of looking for clothes for her highly sensitive son. Labels and seams in clothes are terrible for people with high sensitivity. Because of this, clothes often stay in the closet without being worn. To spare other parents the search and stress around clothing, she took the initiative in 2019 to develop her own label with as a starting point attention to the low-stimulus aspect AND also a beautiful design.

    An Luyten, founder of SAM
    An Luyten, founder of SAM

    The products are developed in Belgium in cooperation with child experts such as child psychologists, occupational therapists and autism coaches. Extensive testing with children is carried out, so that we can be sure of the results of the products. Today's products are designed for children aged 4 to 16. Clothing for adults is in the pipeline.

    If you want more information about sensory friendly clothing, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

    Sofie & Jessie