Eindelijk day centre is a day care centre for people with a non-congenital brain injury in Buggenhout. Occupational therapist Maryke asked us if we wanted to participate in a seasonal cafe to present adapted clothing in a fun way. We grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

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    Day care centre Eindelijk

    They organised a real fashion show with all the trimmings. Everything was prepared to perfection with the clients. For example, the music was carefully selected, the recipes of the drinks were looked up and tried out, the room filled with styling tips and colour advice. Everyone was spoiled with homemade drinks and snacks. They had really thought of everything.

    day care
    Fashion show

    With great enthusiasm and pride, the models entered the catwalk one by one and demonstrated our items of clothing. The elasticated trousers, the wheelchair trousersand the jackets with magnetic zipper all got the look-over.

    After the fashion show, everyone had the opportunity to try out items of clothing and purchase them if they wanted to.

    Finally, we received a nice gift: a home-made birthday calendar, with beautiful drawings signed by our own client. A nice souvenir!

    A big thank you to the staff of Eindelijk day care centre. We felt welcome right from the start. The atmosphere in this day centre is very pleasant and the staff give 100%! Each and every one of them is a warm person with their heart in the right place.

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