On Friday 8 December we were invited to participate in a co-creation about wound care in the To Walk Again REVAlution center in Herentals. Different entrepreneurs, care institutions and patients were brought together to discuss important topics in health care.

    REVAlution Center in Herentals


    The issues that were discussed:

    1. Digital transformations with virtual reality applications in post-rehabilitation

    2. The comfort for users with a focus on innovative wound care

    3. REVAlutionary tools where technical innovation can improve the lives of patients

    co-creatie REVAlution Center
    co-creatie in REVAlution Center


    So Yes puts a lot of effort into the comfort of wheelchair users and wants to work preventively around wound care. Numerous wound problems can be avoided with suitable clothing.

    People from wondzorgcentrum, Maxi Care Solutions, Revarte Rehabilitation Hospital, Centexbeland experience expert Jolien, were among those who participated in the debate.

    We came to the conclusion that the government often uses financial resources for the curative aspect of wound care, but that (too) little attention is paid to preventive measures.

    Interview about wound problems in paraplegic patients

    We were told that people with wound problems often get good help from a wound nurse in a hospital, but that there is often too little follow-up when people go home. Home nurses often have insufficient time or knowledge to be able to adequately address wound problems in addition to daily care.

    With our working group, we launched the proposal to create an environment where people with different expertise in wound care occasionally come together. Information can be shared here, and thought can be given to how people with a wound problem can be helped and referred as effectively as possible.

    People with wound problems should know where they can get correct information about preventive measures and call on wound care professionals who can actually help and follow them up.

    After the brainstorming session, each working group was allowed to pitch a proposal to the minister of innovation Philippe Muyters.

    Co-creation around wound care
    Philippe Muyters
    Philippe Muyters

    We are convinced that suitable clothing considerably reduces the risk of wound problems. If you have any questions about wound care or custom clothing, you can always contact us via info@so-yes.com. We are happy to help you further.

    All the best,
    Sofie en Jessie