ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is a degenerative disorder that affects the motor nerve cells in the brain stem and spinal cord. As a result, stimuli from the brain, via the nerves, can no longer pass on information to the muscles, which eventually lose their function.

    In this blog we would like to give some tips on how to adjust existing clothing or what to pay attention to when buying new clothing.

    Comfort first!

    It is especially important that clothing is comfortable. So avoid tight clothing and heavy fabrics that restrict freedom of movement. Furthermore, you should be able to put on and take off your clothes easily. In this way you avoid that the morning toilet is too tiring or that visiting the toilet requires too much energy.

    Choosing the right closures

    People with ALS often have difficulty with fine motor actions or have loss of strength. When buying new clothing, it is therefore important that you always try out the type of closure. Changing the closure is often a minor adjustment and can make dressing and undressing considerably easier. Preferably choose clothes without closures such as trousers on elastic.


    Clasps that are difficult to handle can easily be replaced by velcro. Place on the side of the button the hook band of the velcro. Then sew the buttonhole closed and place a piece of velcro with loops on top. Finally, sew the button on top of the buttonhole to restore the normal look.

    It is important to close the velcro closure when the garment needs to be washed, otherwise the velcro hooks will be full of fluff and fabrics will be damaged.

    Push buttons

    Press studs are easy to open, but closing requires dexterity to accurately place the two halves of the press studs on top of each other.

    Magnetic zipper

    When closing zippers is difficult, a jacket with a magnetic zipper can offer solace. A brilliant and unobtrusive solution that increases your independence in no time.

    Jacket with magnetic zipper

    Zippers are easier to open and close when a key ring is inserted through the eye.

    Zip aid useful for people with ALS
    key ring

    Sweaters, T-shirts and blouses

    Look for outerwear with spacious arm openings and sleeves and a large neckline. This makes dressing and undressing easier, both for the person with ALS and for the carer or carer. Wheelchair users should take care that the outer garment is not too long to avoid pressure on the seat or at the waist if the outer garment is tucked into the trousers or skirt.

    Trousers and skirts


    Choose the right fit. Due to reduced mobility, people with ALS spend a lot of time sitting down or are completely wheelchair-bound. If walking is still (partially) possible, you can opt for trousers on elastic bands with a high elastic band so that these cover the back sufficiently when sitting.

    If you are a permanent wheelchair user, it is advisable to switch to wheelchair clothing. In contrast to regular clothing, wheelchair pants are made of a sitting fit. They have no seams on the seat that can give pressure and have longer trouser legs that sufficiently cover the ankles. Moreover, the adjustments are so subtle that it is not noticeable that the trousers have been adjusted.

    There are also wheelchair pants with zippers in the side seamsthat make dressing and undressing considerably easier or that make a transfer to the toilet unnecessary because a urinal can be used while sitting down. Such trousers can also be used with a passive hoist lift. Read more about this in this blog.

    ALS wheelchair pants
    wheelchair pants with higher back, longer trouser legs and no seams on the seat


    It is best for ladies to choose skirts or rugs that cover their knees sufficiently to avoid looking in when they are sitting (in the trolley). Dresses and skirts with an elastic waist are easy to put on and give away when you're sitting. Very wide skirts can be a nuisance for wheelchairs because they can get entangled in the wheels.

    For wheelchair users a full-length zipped skirt can be useful because the skirt can be taken off and left on the wheelchair when using the toilet. Such a skirt is also recommended for ladies in need of care. It requires much less action and effort on the part of the person helping with dressing and undressing.

    ALS wheelchair skirt
    full length zipped wheelchair skirt


    Boarders are the easiest to put on. Make sure that they are firm enough and that they fit sufficiently.

    There are already many tools on the market to make it easier to put on shoes and stockings. We would like to refer you to this blog post.


    People with ALS often have cold hands and feet, others quickly get too hot.


    For people who quickly get too cold, it is good to put on clothes in layers. This isolates better than putting on one thick piece of clothing. The best insulation is obtained by trapping air between the different layers of loose, light clothing fabrics.

    Even though it is mainly the hands and feet that feel cold, it is important to keep your entire body warm. For example, you can already warm the garments a little before putting them on or dress in a room that is heated. Choose padded fabrics or wool. When you go outside, it is often the wind that makes you feel cold. Therefore, wear a quilted and windproof jacket, a headgear and a scarf.

    Thermal underwear can also do wonders to avoid that cold feeling.


    People who are suddenly very hot should choose clothes that are easy to take off. Cotton is the best material. This can be pure cotton or a combination of cotton with a small amount of artificial materials. Avoid nylon and polyester as much as possible. In sunny weather, a sun hat or cap is not a luxury to prevent sunburn.

    Do you have any other tips for us and fellow sufferers? Do not hesitate to share them with us.


    Jessie and Sofie

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