People who have to do self-catheterization can still lead an active life. A few useful tips will get you very far.

    1. Drink plenty of water

    A common pitfall is that people drink too little because they are afraid of catheterise themselves. However, drinking too little can cause infections. So, try to drink water regularly, spread throughout the day.

    2. Work hygienically while sounding

    Always wash your hands before you start. If you can't wash your hands on the move, it's always handy to have (non-alcoholic) hygienic wet wipes with you.

    3. Check regularly

    Stick to the minimum number of probes that your doctor has specified. Check regularly and take a sample of urine for breeding.


    4. Use the right material

    There are many different catheters. Always consult your treating physician for this.

    Coloplast is a company that specialises in catheterization materials, among other things. You can also request product samples. They have a very accessible website with a lot of information and have a good service where you can always go with your personal questions.

    5. Wear comfortable clothing

    Men who have to do catheterization can use the VICTOR trousers: these pants have 2 zippers for easy catheterization.

    For ladies who catheterise, we have designed the ZOË trousers: trousers for wheelchair users with extra-long zippers to make the probing go smoothly.

    Our ZOË wheelchair trousers with very deep zipper so that you can catheterise
    to probe
    sampling wheelchair trousers

    By using the extra-long zipper you can easily do the catheterization, but also on the toilet. To do this, move the wheelchair up to the toilet. Slide forward on the toilet so that you basically look at the wall. Open the zipper and push the slip to the side to catheterise. After that, close the zipper and push up to the wheelchair. Now you can do it without having to take your trousers off completely!


    Sofie en Jessie

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