Multiple Sclerosis is an incurable, chronic disease of the central nervous system where inflammation leads to damage to nerve bundles and their sheath. The disease leads to various (in)visible symptoms and the course of the disease is unpredictable and very diverse. That is why multiple sclerosis is also called the disorder with 1000 faces.(MS League Flanders)

    MS can lead to very different complaints. Below is an overview of complaints that can occur with MS.

    A characteristic of the disease is that the symptoms come and go. For example, it can happen that someone with MS is dependent on a wheelchair at one time and can walk again later.

    cause of MS
    Cause of MS

    In the majority of people with Multiple Sclerosis, the severity of the symptoms depends on the temperature. That is why choosing the right clothes is very important.

    1. Opt for light, breathable fabrics: these can have a cooling effect because they 'breathe'. In other words, ensure that the heat can escape and, if necessary, work with different layers of breathable fabrics. The following substances are eligible for this:

    • linen is light, breathes well and feels wonderfully airy. It also does not retain moisture
    • cotton is also a good option if it concerns loose woven cotton.
    • wool can be a good summer fabric since it is a breathable fabric that dries quickly. There are different variants in which the summer fabrics are often made with thinner threads and are therefore certainly suitable for the summer.
    light colours MS
    Choose light colours

    2. Go for light colours as these reflect the sunlight while dark colours absorb the heat.

    3. Put your comfort first and choose clothing that is adapted to your needs.

    • If you are wheelchair-bound, go for wheelchair trousers or a wheelchair skirt. These garments are made for a sitting fit and increase comfort considerably.
    • If you can still walk (in part), opt for our elasticated trousers. Thanks to the elastic waist you can easily pull the trousers on and off.
    comfortable wheelchair trousers
    Choose the most ideal fit

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